Monday, November 17, 2008

Come window shopping with me at Nell HIlls!

Come window shopping with me at Nell Hills!

Ohhhh don't you love this velvet sofa with Bosphorus toile pillows?

I love this armoire with white crisp linens stacked inside......

Nell Hill's always has the most amazing display of beds and linens!

I especially love this one with the winged headboard.

This one is so pretty with the mix of masculine duvet and white crisp linens......Love the monogrammed pillows too!

This one was on my favorite was very comfy!

Of course who doesn't love paisley?

Another beautiful sofa....the bamboo screen behind it was TDF!

More pretties! Aren't those ginger jars gorgeous?

Oh be still my heart.....I want these chairs sooo bad! I can assure you it won't happen in MY lifetime though!

Sunday my husband decided to cheer me up by taking me to one of my favorite places.....Nell Hills of course! They had an artist there doing pet sketches for a small donation so of course we had to get the boy's portrait done. Her store is always an inspiration....hope you enjoyed window shopping with me?!?!?! Have a great week!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our first house............

Our first home....the yard used to be immaculate with a beautiful flower bed under the windows. Now it is all overgrown and neglected......

Once upon a time a very long time ago a very young couple bought this 1920's bungalow as their very first place to call home. It was a humble abode at only 1000 sq ft but it was theirs....all theirs!

Inside the house you entered into the living room where there was a bedroom off the living room. The living room led to the dining room and off the dining room was a hall that led to the master bedroom,a coat closet with laundry shoot, and a full bath. Off the dining room was also the kitchen which had a darling breakfast nook and a mudroom. Across from the breakfast nook was a door to the basement. The basement was unfinished but was dry and offered great storage.

In the backyard was the cutest single car garage with darling little windows. I had a small car that fit perfectly and thought I was in heaven when I no longer had to scrape ice off my windows!!!! Today it still stands but is in rough condition and has been neglected for many years now.

The houses were very close together and if you stood at the kitchen sink you could open the window and talk to the neighbor while doing the dishes......which I did frequently!!!! The neighbor on the left was a Cuban man who was crazier than a hoot owl! He always cleaned his gutters in the middle of a pouring rain and liked to smoke funny cigarettes! The neighbor on the right was a gay couple who eventually broke up but one of them became my best friend. We were actually neighbors more than once! Everything I know about antiques I learned from my dear friend Kerry. We used to trade things over the picket fence in the backyard late at night.........

We have moved several times now and have owned quite a few houses..... but this one will always hold a special place in my heart!