Saturday, February 7, 2009

Not much decorating going on around here I'm afraid! We had to take Simon back to the animal hospital today for complications but he is home again. I just feel so bad for the poor little guy! We took both pooches to the lake today because the weather was absolutely wonderful for the beginning of February! We let Simon walk for a few minutes but then carried him the rest of the way. I'm sure we looked ridiculous carrying one dog and walking the other!?!?! LOL...Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Poor Simon.......

What a weekend!!!!!! My poor Simon had to be rushed to the animal hospital yesterday and had to have surgery late last night. The poor guy had stones in his in his bladder was completely full of them!!!! We knew the little guy wasn't feeling well and had tests run by two different vets but neither one of them could figure out what was wrong with him and gave him meds for a bladder infection. Anyways.....he is home resting now and is taking three different medications. Let's hope his mommy can keep it all straight?!?!?! I sent him to bed with his daddy since he could barely hold his head up and was drooling on his blanket. Hopefully we can prevent this from ever happening again by changing his diet?!?! I guess male Yorkies are prone to this problem which I had never heard of before?!?! I'm feeling really drained from the whole ordeal both physically and financially since the vet bill was $1K. I thought I would pass out when they gave us the estimate but he is worth every single penny!!!!! Have a great week everyone!