Friday, May 22, 2009

A little project.....

The shutter in all it's before glory!

After the first coat of paint....

All finished and finally in the room!

I have had a set of these shutters for ohhhhh about six years I guess?!?! I originally bought them to put on each side of the front door but then reality set in and I realized the wind would blow them away in two seconds or less. So, they have been sitting in storage waiting patiently for their perfect place of honor. A couple of days and countless hours later they are finally all done! Only one has found a home so far but I'm sure I'll find the perfect spot for the other one too. Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial weekend!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What a mess he is!

To be quite honest our Yorkies have been a handful lately! They are getting older and have had their share of health issues the last few months. With all these issues came a whole new set of attitudes too! Since we had such a cold winter I bought the boys a throw for the leather sofa in the den to cuddle up on. After many washings it was starting to look a little worn so I threw it away. *gasp* I know......So, I gave them the throw that was in the living room because they threw such a fit about not having theirs. This weekend I bought new pillows for the living room so I "borrowed" their throw to see how it would look with the new pillows. Teddy does fine during the day but as soon as my husband comes home and sits on the sofa he suddenly needs his throw. Tonight we were both sitting on the sofa watching TV and Teddy started clawing at the sofa and at my husband's pants insinuating that he was sitting on his throw! Since daddy wouldn't move over Teddy crawled up his shirt and went to sleep!!!!!!!!!!! It was priceless to say the least.....gotta love em!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

Simply wonderful!

Isn't this the sweetest candle? It smells sooooo wonderful and the key tied on with ribbon is such a charming touch! If you *need* one too go to: Jackie has the most beautiful things at her boutique for your home so don't miss out! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I feel the need to decorate!

Spring has finally arrived here! Everything is really lush and green from all the rain we have had for the last few weeks. I clipped a few vines from the Honeysuckle next to the front door and added them to my wall vases. I actually have two wall vases....originally I was going to hang one on each side of the doorway in the living room but the wall space on one side is much smaller so I hung the other wall vase in the den.

The other side of the doorway.......The other day when I was in Target I spied a burlap lampshade. Don't you think it would look fabulous on that floor lamp?

Lately I really have the itch to freshen up my rooms and add a little color. I like the all white but I really need a change. I never dreamed our house would be on the market this long and sitting idle and not being able to re-arrange and change things is killing me....seriously! Maybe I'll just change out the pillows....what do you think?