Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pure craziness............

The beginning.....All the slipcovers were taken off the furniture and the rugs were shrink wrapped to keep from getting ruined.

Then the kitchen was packed up and temporarily moved into the dining room. The dining room furniture was moved to an upstairs bedroom.

The refrigerator and two pantry cabinets along with the upper cabinets have been removed to expose the utility room. This is where the new heating and cooling system will go.

Progress on stove side of kitchen...

We have decided to update the heating and cooling system in our house. This will require that part of the kitchen floor be removed for access to run pipes and etc. To say the kitchen floor in our kitchen was ugly is truly and understatement!!!! It was a faux white marble floating floor that had glue stains from where the glue oozed out of the seams when it was poorly installed. It was extremely unlevel and impossible to keep clean! Underneath the floating floor was a layer of floor leveler. Underneath the layer of floor leveler is an old linoleum floor. Underneath the old linoleum floor is an old tile floor!!! So far we have the old floating floor taken up....next we will tackle the floor leveler issue working one layer at a time. Eventually new cabinets and granite counter tops will be installed and reclaimed maple flooring will be laid to match the rest of the first floor. Should be interesting....I'll keep ya updated!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The little guy now has feathers! He is an only birdie though.....none of the other eggs hatched for some reason?!?!?!?

The side of the house is now finished. The mortar is not quite dry though!

Once it dries it will look like it was never even re-pointed!

It is hot,hot,hot! Hope you are all staying cool....we are working on projects and staying very busy!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Most people think owning an old house is a romantic fun filled adventure. The reality is most old houses have cracks in their foundations from aging like people and require a ton of upkeep.....our house of course is no different!! However, since our house is stone it doesn't require a lot of painting but does require that it be re-pointed periodically. One of the guys my husband works with bought this old boom truck...."Big Yeller" which he was kind enough to loan to us. It has made the job of re-pointing soooooooo much easier. In the pics above the mortar has been jack hammered out by Mr. D and the new mortar has not yet been put in. This section took a whole day to complete!!!!! Of course after re-building the lower section of the entire back wall of the house last summer this is child's play!

The first arrival!

The first baby hatched on Friday....isn't he the cutest? I can't believe he has little feathers already!!! I am a little worried though that the other eggs have not hatched....according to what I have read at least one should hatch a day. Please pray that momma birdie does not loose any of her precious babies............