Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A hidden treasure…….


bench 006

I picked this little bench up when we were in Round top Texas a few weeks ago. I paid $40 for it which is a real deal compared to what they sell for at a lot of places!

bench 001

bench 003 I picked the books up at various antique shops……only paying $2 or $3 for each of them. I then removed the covers and bound them with jute and string.

bench 005                                                                        The handwriting on the front is beautiful……….

bench 007 

As you can see the little bench is completely hidden behind the sofa and can only be seen when you first walk in the front door. One of the quirks of living in an old house is the limitations of furniture placement in rooms that were originally intended for much smaller scaled furniture and entirely different purposes! 

My poor camera is on it’s last leg so I am looking for a new one. I would love the hear what all of you use. I need something that is user friendly and that won’t break the bank. Hopefully the one I have now will hang on just  a bit longer?!?!?!?




Anonymous said...

Love the slip covered couch. Did the couch come that way or did you have it slipped? I'm looking for someone in the Kansas City area who slip covers.

kim said...

Des, love that worn bench with the old books added. I got a new camera, too that was better than what I had, but did not break the bank. Mine is the Canon Power Shot SX120IS. Was around $230. I hope to get an even better one in the future.

The Antiques Diva™ said...

I love the book idea... I'm always traveling around Europe for work and am going to start picking up old books in different languages to make this at home! Thanks for the idea!

Kelly said...

Well, again you are showing some great and creative ideas in your home. Love the bound books idea. Did you think of that yourself? So clever! I adore your home. Soooooooo beautiful in every way! Thanks for sharing more pics.

Kristi said...

HI Des, I love the little bench, looks so cute there!! And the way you wrapped the books looks wonderful!
Cameras, well I have a few suggestions! Are you looking for a DSLR or a point and shoot? Just an FYI, the DSLR's have an auto setting which is basically point and shoot until you want to play around with it more!
If you are looking for a DSLR I would recommend the Nikon D3000, it's wonderful and you can get some great deals online with it! I got the Nikon D90 in December and I L.O.V.E. IT!!!

Morning T said...

Des I can't believe you got that bench for only $40 at Round Top!! Love what you've done with those antique books. I've got to get myself to some antique and thrift stores asap.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Canon Rebel... I love mine!!!


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