Friday, June 4, 2010

Found treasures!

seashells 001

seashells 003

seashells 008

We have been working on landscaping the front of our house the last few weeks. It has been grueling to say the least…..we just aren’t as spry and energetic as we once were it seems! Anyways…..while digging in the dirt we actually found a few treasures! Normally we find chards of pottery and old tools but this time we found a medium size rusty square nail and two seashells!!!! I haven’t decided where to use the old nail yet but yesterday I cleaned up the two seashells and placed them in this silver trophy along with other finds in the cabinet in the living room. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!!!!


Lamp Tramp said...

Oh my goodness... those gorgeous shells were unearthed? What a fabulous find and treasure. Your shells look perfect in the lovely silver trophy vase. Love it, Des, you inspire me!

kim said...

Des, you found shells? Aren't you in Kansas? That is awesome. I love how you have your things in those old trophies.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Deserae, I can not believe I am just now finding your blog. Your home is so beautiful and I love the country French touches. You obviously have a great eye for design. I have subscribed to your post so I don't miss a thing.

Sue said...

I found your AWESOME blog when you left a comment on mine. We have such similar tastes and I just love your fur babies, too. Thanks for finding me so I can follow you!

the gardeners cottage said...

hi des,

thanks for the lovely comment. the shells that are sitting in the large blue and white bowl on top of my rl book were found in our garden too. they are really old and fragile. i adore the shot of the white chair and blue and white garden stool. gorgeous. just my style!


Kristi said...

I LOVE your urns Des! They are so gorgeous!!! :)