Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kitchen Round-up!



kitchen 042

kitchen 016

kitchen 038

This morning I decided to cut a few fresh flowers for the kitchen. Pickens were a little slim around our garden so I ended up with branches from our Weeping Willow tree and a few pears. While cutting the little tree branches I saw something leap out of the sink from the corner of my eye! Imagine my complete and utter surprise when the little critter leaped from the counter and onto my head! Yes, screams could be heard from miles away I’m sure as I swatted at the Grasshopper now perched on top of my head. He was quickly rounded up and life at our cottage is normal once again……………


Sheila said...

The kitchen is beautiful. i do not do grasshoppers either. i would probably had more than screaming going on.

Your page is lovely.


Blondie's Journal said...

I love your kitchen...the cabinets and counter tops are gorgeous!! I would have totally freaked out over the grasshopper, I don't like to be startled!


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

O.K. I am laughing really really hard at you!! That is too funny. I can just picture it in my mind. Beautiful kitchen.

the gardeners cottage said...

hi des,

your kitchen is beautiful. i love the pebble glass on the doors.

i really get freaked out by grasshoppers though. i think i may have heard your scream.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Des!

I suppose by now, you've heard about all the drama at the Back Porch this week.

The new address is:

I'm going to go work on my kitchen now!;-)
Happy Weekend!

paintergal said...

I would have freaked too.
Des, I seriously have kitchen envy.
I love everything about yours.
My next house will take many cues from yours.

Traci said...

Too funny.....I think I would have passed out when that Grasshopper landed on my head!! I Love your kitchen - simply stunning! and what great color choices.

The Attic Girls said...

You want to trade kitchens? heeee... LOVE yours!

Morning T said...

EEEK- that would've totally freaked me out! Any creepy crawly makes me feel so weak. LOVE your kitchen Des, it's fabulous!

AntiqueChase said...

the wall color is lovely. hard to believe this room faces north. it's so warm!