Monday, June 20, 2011

A pint size treasure……


birdie a

The other night we had severe storms here with winds of over 70 mph. The next day while out walking in the yard I found this little bird nest that had been blown out of a tree. We often hear about people loosing their homes but what about these poor creatures who loose theirs too? Now some momma bird has to rebuild her home……….

birdie b

For now the little nest will rest in a tree branch in the dining room with another nest found on the grounds after a bad storm we had last summer…….


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Denise said...

I love birds' nests! Yours look beautiful in your urn. I hope the birds are able to rebuild quickly.

niartist said...

Des, I found 2 birdsnests today in the yard! I could barely believe it! I've been wanting one, and then today, LITERALLY TWO, fell into my lap (so to speak)! As much as I hate to know that some bird out there is homeless, or well, two birds, there were no eggs, so I'm thinking the nest might have been in foreclosure! :)

Landman said...

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