Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eight years…..



Today is the anniversary of when we purchased our cottage eight years ago! This is how the house looked when we first bought it. The Ivy was gorgeous but was so invasive it was growing thru the walls and into the house….so the first thing we did was remove all of it. Eight years later we are still trying to get rid of it.

stone house



stone house 2

This is not a current picture….our yard looks a little sad at the moment since we have had extreme heat this summer and very little rain. Here the soffits have been wrapped in steel because we had wood boring bees. We were told the only way to get rid of the wood boring bees was to get rid of the wood. The porch has also been painted and a new roof was put on. The roof was so bad we were told the house was uninsurable unless we had a new roof put on.

122 SE Beck ST 038 (2)

The kitchen is small but cute….we thought we could work with the cabinets. However when I went to unpack my dishes and put them away the doors literally fell off the cabinets! We ended up installing cheap cabinets and then did a complete gut job two years ago……

stone house kitchen 2

This is how the kitchen looks today………

Kitchen Nov 027


The dining room when we bought the house. Funny, I don’t remember that light……..

stone house dining room


The indoor/outdoor carpet was removed only to expose the original floors that were in really bad shape that had to be recovered up. We had to pull the floor up completely between the living room and dining room to add supports. Reclaimed maple flooring salvaged from a gymnasium in Kansas was installed and refinished thru out the first floor.

July dining room2 010


July dining room2 041

For some reason I have no pictures of the living room except for this one. Probably because it was so hideous…….just kidding…..sort of!

stone house den


We took the wall out and added this double doorway making the living room one big room. This small room served as a bedroom, an office, and a catch all room during the eight years we have lived here. Taking the wall out  four years ago and making it part of the living room was the best decision I ever made.

new RH chair 008


The guest bedroom…..we actually bought this bed with the house but eventually sold it because it was a three quarter size. It was so short that even my feet touched the end! The second floor had the same purty indoor/outdoor carpeting as the first floor. Luckily the original floors were in better shape than the first floor and we were able to refinish them and save them……

stone bedroom


When we bought the house none of the bedrooms had closets. During the renovation we are currently working on closets were added to all of the bedrooms along with insulation,drywall, and new wiring.

guest room bosporus 2 018

I won’t bore you all with any more pictures since you have seen them all like a zillion times.

The eight years we have lived here have been very interesting to say the least…..I wish I could say the house is completely done but we are still working on the upstairs. We hope to have it done in the next few months though. We have done a little work on the yard but it really needs a complete overhaul. It’s always something isn’t it? Thanks for following us along on this journey……….


Blondie's Journal said...

I don't know that a house is ever done...I am always finding something that I want to change about our home and we have been here 25 years!!

I love your kitchen...what a big transformation...the glass cabinets are my favorite thing...very pretty! But I do love all of it! Wonderful job, Des!


Alice said...

What a wonderful job you have done! I'm sure it came with a lot of blood, sweat and maybe some tears. I've always wanted an old home but hubby and I are definately not handy in the least.

Thanks for sharing your home renovation with us.

Sheila said...

I have enjoyed watching the progress on your home so much through your blog! You have done an amazing job. I once lived just across the state line, in Overland Park. My aunt lived in Wichita & I remember traveling the long road to her home for Easter hoidays. Nothing like the Kansas Praiie!

Traci said...

Beautiful and comfortable home, You have done an amazing job! Stunning!

AntiqueChase said...

Always enjoy looking at your home!!!

White Whimsy said...

Your home is so lovely inside and out. If I had to pick a favorite room I don't think I could they are all so gorgeous. You have done such a great job on your home. Love it!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Des your home is stunning and you guys did such an AMAZING job transforming it!! Martina

Martha said...

A good house is never done -- just when you think it is, you start all over!!!! You've done a marvelous job with your house.


WOW...you have come a long way! So much work and so worth it. Love all of your design details.

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

I commend you for the wonderful job you have done with your cottage, I love it. It looks like a comfortable place to live. Thanks for showing it. Shannon

niartist said...

Des, I can't believe what a change you've made on your home! It's always had a bit of charm, but YOU have made it so stunning. I love your shift to the linen from the white, and I can't wait to see more of your beautiful home as you power through those renovations! :) xo,

Anonymous said...

Des, I love seeing the before and after photos of all the magic you have worked on your house!! It is truly one of the most charming homes I've ever seen! Every picture is drool-worthy when it has your touch! I don't tire of looking at them. And I especially love the "before" and "afters" together. Thanks for sharing! Lou Ann