Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Birthday!


Today is Teddy’s 13th birthday…..the big 1-3. My how times flies……I remember the day I went and picked him up like it was yesterday. He was the last puppy from the litter of only three. His mommy was absolutely beautiful and so petite. As Teddy came sauntering out with the owner’s little boy I was instantly smitten. The cute little fur ball had so much personality already and literally fit in the palm of my hand!!!! There was no question as to whether he was coming home with me that night as I was instantly in love. He rode all the way home on my lap and has been my cuddle buddy ever since…….

pond teddy 002


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teddy in robe


teddyc 016


Simon was adopted when he was six months old. His owner was moving into an apartment and couldn’t take him with her. She was suppose to send us his papers but never did so we don’t know when his birthday is exactly but we know it is also in August. He is also the big 1-3!!!! Happy Birthday my sweet baby!!!!!!!!

I remember the day we picked Simon up.He was a complete ball of fur and had never had a hair cut. He is Mr. Personality….everyone is his friend!!! Full of curiosity he is always by my side and ready for anything!!!!!!

babies 001


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Simon with paint


baby Simon 003

Happy Birthday my sweet boys!!!!!!


Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Hi Des!
OMG.... one is cuter than the next!
Happy birthday to your sweet babies!

Debby said...

So cute. Happy 13th to both. The one picture of Simon under the chest looks like my Izzy. She spends alot of the day under a chest like that. We just found out this week she has some kind of hepatitis. She is ill but we are hopeful. She is only 6. So sad.

Sherri said...

Des, Happy Birthday to your Teddy! He has reached a wonderful milestone! Our dog is named Teddy too, but he is a golden retriever.

Judy said...

Happy happy birthday to your sweet boys! They are sooo cute!


Martha said...

What cute puppies -- my Oliver is also 13 this year. It's hard to believe for it just seems yesterday that he was a little puppy!