Sunday, September 4, 2011

The last phase of the renovation has begun…..


You know that old saying….sometimes it has to get a lot worse before it can get any better? Apparently that applies to renovations. As you can see it isn’t looking too pretty right about now!


The resident handy man hard at work………

hall bath reno 002


And of course the trusty assistant………

hall bath reno 007


Hmmm….I really need to get that French bottle out of the window before it gets broken!

hall bath reno 017


The plan:

Originally when we bought the house it was a B&B with four bedrooms upstairs. Two of the bedrooms had an attached bath and two shared a very tiny hall bath. Eventually we tore the tiny hall bath out and combined two baths to make one average size master bathroom. One of the bedrooms which was the smallest was turned into the hall bath and the attached bath for that bedroom was made into a laundry closet. The last phase of the renovation upstairs is to divide the current hall bath into two separate spaces making one half the laundry room and the other half a hall bathroom. The present laundry closet will be torn out. That’s the plan….we’ll see how it goes! If you are an owner of an old house then you know oh so well that things NEVER go as planned and you just have to roll with it!!!!!

Have a great week!

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Blondie's Journal said...

Soon you will be reaping the rewards of all your hard work!! Hang in there!

Your pooch is darling!