Monday, October 3, 2011

Goodbye my beautiful tree…..


This was my view out the living room this morning before my beautiful tree was taken down. As you can see she lost her beauty after the power company cut her completely in half!!!!!!!! The stress of having so much of her beauty removed all at one time was more than she could take……..

new french chest 001



Here is how she looked before her deadly trim. Funny, she doesn’t really look that big in this pic but trust me she was a big girl!

pile of wood 001

Now she is nothing more than a pile of wood on the lawn which makes me so sad. We plan on planting an ornamental tree to replace her…….we won’t be planting it near the power line though!

Have a great week!!!!!!


Kelly said...

I feel your pain! I am such a tree lover and we once had to get a very large oak tree cut down soon after we moved in. The construction of our walkway/driveway impeded on her root system we think. She was gorgeous and huge. Trees that large can't be regrown overnight! Maybe you can replace her with a fast growing tree of some sort so you won't have to wait SO long.

Alice said...

So sad! Funny how we can really become attached to trees. At our first home there was a huge Elm tree that nearly covered the front yard with shade. Just a few years after we moved in the tree got the Dutch Elm disease. It was heartbreaking.

The power company can be ruthless in their trimming, but since my husband works for a power company I know how important it is to keep trees away from the lines.

Judy said...

Isn't it funny how we get so attached to our trees? There are two in my front yard hubby wants to take down and pour a parking pad (which we desperately need) but one of those trees my now 37 year old son planted when he was about 10! It really needs to come down but I'm fighting it tooth and nail.