Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The little old shoe…..


This weekend while cleaning out the closet above the old laundry room we came across a box of stuff we had stored away after moving into this house eight years ago. We also found a box of old photo albums…… and lots of old left over paint!!!! This little shoe was one of the treasures we found in that box of stored stuff.

It is just so darn cute…I love the little button!

old shoe 001


The little bird’s nest was found on our property after a bad wind storm. The square nail was found in our house while doing some restoration work………

The platter was found at an antique shop many years ago while on vacation.




Hope you are having a great week!!!!


Polly said...

such treasures!!

Kelly said...

That's really something to find an old shoe like that on your property! It must be original to it. I guess that's the neat part about living in a historic place like you do. Who knows what treasures you still have yet to find.

Karen said...

That is a GORGEOUS hutch! I hope you don't cover all that richness up with paint! I love the way you have displayed so many wonderful treasures in it.