Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stuck on you!


Teddy w sticker 003

Here is Mr. Handyman holding


after he picked him up he noticed

Teddy had something stuck to the bottom of his foot!

Teddy w sticker 002

Upon further inspection it was determined

it was a manufacturer sticker off

one of the dining room chairs.

Believe it or not it was really stuck on

and pulled some of his hair out when I removed it.

 I actually left a couple of tiny pieces

stuck to the pad of his paw because I was afraid

it would pull the skin off!

 He wasn’t phased in the least bit and

would have probably kept walking

around with it stuck to

the bottom of his foot………..

Silly dog!


niartist said...

How sweet, Des!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas ... looks like Teddy was trying to let you know what he was worth! LOL!

Kelly said...

That's too funny! My dog would NEVER just go along and not notice it. He would've been shaking his foot or licking it to get it off. Just shows you have a mild tempered dog!

White Door Cream Puff said...

Teddy is so cute ! Love your family and furry babies! God bless xoox