Saturday, April 2, 2011

Coming out of the closet……..







The master bedroom suite is finally D O N E. It feels good to finally check it off the list! The renovation included moving the bathroom door and wall heater from one end of the master bathroom to the opposite end,framing in and adding insulation and drywall to the bedroom,new wiring, and adding a walk in closet.

The little chest you see was suppose to be used as a nightstand but due to changes in the floor plan it would not fit. However it was the perfect size for much needed storage in the master closet. The resident handy man made the shelves and attached it to the chest and I painted it  out to match. It really is a shame it will never be seen since it is in the closet. I’m sure the closet will never be this clean or uncluttered after we move everything in either! Have a great weekend!!!!!