Thursday, September 29, 2011

The not so glamorous pics of the laundry room….


It is coming along although it doesn’t look like much at this point!

laundry room 001


laundry room 002


laundry room 003

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More beads…..


My obsession  collection of rosary beads is still growing thanks to my friend Artie who sent me these! I love the sparkly they add to this candle stick………


beads 2

So, how is your week going so far? Hard to believe it is Wednesday already!?!?!?! We are making great progress on the laundry room and if things go well we should be hanging dry wall this weekend! WooHoo!!!!



Sunday, September 18, 2011

Unpredictable weather…..


Today we had to run to Lowes to pick up a few things for the wiring in the laundry room. As we drove along I saw a funnel cloud in the sky. I pointed it out to Mr. D and he quickly said it was just a funny looking cloud not a tornado. As we drove along I could see the tip of the funnel start to come out of the sky and get closer and closer to the ground. Finally Mr. D agreed it WAS indeed a tornado! We pulled over and I took this pic with my cell phone which is why it isn’t the best quality.  Several other cars pulled over too to take pics. It was quite the site! Right after this pic was taken the funnel went back up into the sky………..


Wishing you all a fabulous week!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Spoiled rotten or well loved……you decide!


Around here we call it well loved……of course why would God make kids and fur babies so darn cute if they weren’t suppose to be spoiled rotten?

Teddy thought his bed should match the big bed…….



I think he might be right….it does look much nicer!?!?!?

Master Bedroom 012


It’s nap time and I’m getting,”The Look”….you know the one that says quit bugging me already…….

dog bed 013


Wishing you a totally fabulous weekend!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A touch of toile…..


I recently decided to lighten up the downstairs powder room.

  Since I couldn’t find a toile fabric that I really loved  I bought the Matine toile shower curtain from Pottery Barn to make a skirt for the pedestal sink.


matine 007


I just love this little shaving mirror…rust and all! I picked it up years ago at an auction…….

matine 016


The view when walking down the little hall from the kitchen…….

matine 012


Simon wanted to sneak in here and say,”Hi”. Isn’t he a handsome little fella?



The mirror hanging over the glass shelf was the second antique I ever purchased……it is from an estate sale. I love that it is a little cloudy and has imperfections….



Hope you are having a great week!!!!!!!! We are having beautiful fall weather…can’t beat that!

Joining Kim @ Savvy Southern Style for WOW Us Wednesday….

Monday, September 12, 2011

Small changes….


I recently decided to change the way I hang my ironstone plates and platters. For years I used those gold little wiry thingy's which worked just fine until one day I came across a blog that showed how to use v-hooks and epoxy on the back and I was instantly intrigued!!! I had to see for myself if this method really worked. So, off to the hardware store I went for my supplies. At first I only did a few plates to see if they would come crashing down in the middle of the night. After a few weeks I decided it was indeed safe and decided to do the rest of my ironstone collection. I don’t recommend this if you have really expensive plates since this is a permanent application. However my collection is compiled of garage sale finds mostly and none of them cost more than a few dollars with the exception of one platter.

Here is a before pic…if you look closely you can barely see the gold wire hangers.

around the house 004


The after





plates 003

These are my oldest plates…..I have had them for many years. I started collecting ironstone long before it was ever popular. I love the way they are different colors…. and the more imperfections they have the more I love them!


plates 024


Please excuse our messy mudroom…..the blind on the door also broke and fell off this week. It’s been one of those weeks…….


Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!?!?!?!


Sunday, September 11, 2011



flag 004

In remembrance of those who lost their lives ten years ago today on September 11,2001…..and thank you to the heroes who gave so much……….


Friday, September 9, 2011

The prints are finally hung….


Yesterday I was finally able to get the mat cut for the last antique egg print. I noticed when putting it in the frame that there was a spot on the glass but didn’t think much of it. Of course once I got it all together and started to clean the glass I realized the glass was cracked! I guess I need to make a trip to the glass store now huh?

hall bath reno 010


hall bath reno 013


I also got the other table cloth made for the skirted table so now there are matching tables on each side of the bed. Much better I think than the mismatched ones I had before? I still need to get glass tops for the tables…..

hall bath reno 015


I bought the fur babies a fancy dog bed for the living room so I moved this chair to the guest room. It is a better size than the one I had there before.

hall bath reno 016

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The last Lily bloom of the season…..


So pretty, I think pink is the prettiest color……..

lily bloom Sept 001


As you can see our little piglets are getting quite big now!

lily bloom Sept 007



lily bloom Sept 009

Hope you are having a great week!!!!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The last phase of the renovation has begun…..


You know that old saying….sometimes it has to get a lot worse before it can get any better? Apparently that applies to renovations. As you can see it isn’t looking too pretty right about now!


The resident handy man hard at work………

hall bath reno 002


And of course the trusty assistant………

hall bath reno 007


Hmmm….I really need to get that French bottle out of the window before it gets broken!

hall bath reno 017


The plan:

Originally when we bought the house it was a B&B with four bedrooms upstairs. Two of the bedrooms had an attached bath and two shared a very tiny hall bath. Eventually we tore the tiny hall bath out and combined two baths to make one average size master bathroom. One of the bedrooms which was the smallest was turned into the hall bath and the attached bath for that bedroom was made into a laundry closet. The last phase of the renovation upstairs is to divide the current hall bath into two separate spaces making one half the laundry room and the other half a hall bathroom. The present laundry closet will be torn out. That’s the plan….we’ll see how it goes! If you are an owner of an old house then you know oh so well that things NEVER go as planned and you just have to roll with it!!!!!

Have a great week!