Monday, June 4, 2012

Beautiful chandelier inspiration……..


Hi, I’m Joanna. A guest post blogger for Arcadian Lighting, an online source for captivating light fixtures in all styles and finishes. I love writing about interior design and collecting images of the most captivating decors. My favorite styles are eclectic interiors with lots of interest from textures, patterns and color.

I’m sure whether I have more of a love for chairs or chandeliers. If I could, I would collect hundreds of both. Chandeliers create drama in a room and provide a warm glow to the space.  They come in a range of styles and finishes from sophisticated modern to traditional crystal. A popular trend is hanging one in the living room for a touch of elegance.


A vintage chandelier graces a Scandinavian style bedroom creating a magnificent focal point.


Two small chandeliers create a beautiful glow in this romantic bedroom. Mirrors set in back of the light fixtures reflect the light back into the room.


A nature-inspired chandelier in all white hangs above a staircase in this high-ceilinged living room.


A modern light fixture and photographs are unexpected in this traditionally furnished living room.


This gorgeous little light fixture would be perfect for an entry or hallway in place of a standard builder’s fixture.


A moose antler chandelier gives this modern space a bit of drama. The clean lines of other furnishings keep the light fixture from being too much. Deer antlers are also popular for creating light fixtures.


This beautiful chandelier is certain to be a focal point in any room. The designer, David D’Imperio, is well-known for his dramatic lighting fixtures.


An ornate red chandelier and modern art give interest to an otherwise low-key dining room. A wall sconce above the art provides additional interest to the white wall. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Which chandelier is your favorite? If you're looking for the perfect chandelier to add to your interior,  check out Arcadian Lighting at:


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Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

loved all the beautiful designs!!

Custom Mirrors Long Island said...

Its amazing that your rooms retain such a regal yet life giving feeling! Keep up the good work!!

-Irwin Zinkin

fiona anderson said...

Great inspiration - I love that first bedroom with the beams, but I would love to have that hall chandelier. It's just so pretty.