Monday, March 25, 2013

Meet Fred…….

While out and about a couple of weeks ago we

found this really

cool sign at an antique mall.


Untitled 2


I knew right away it would fit perfectly on

the wall underneath the mounted deer head in the den.

We think it originally hung in a lodge.


I now refer to Mr. Deer as Fred……

Sorry I don’t have better pics, my camera is still broken…….

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Squeak said...

Now that's funny! Coincidentally, I have a very old cow skull that I've named Fred, too.

Kelly said...

That sign underneath the deer head looks like it is part of him for sure! I think you found a name for him without meaning to. LOL!

Traci said...

That's so cute!!!

chateau chic said...

Great sign and perfect place for it! Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments that made me smile.
Mary Alice