Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A handful of Lilacs……



Hello friends!

With all the wacky weather we have had this spring

we only had a few blooms on our Lilac bushes this year.

In fact just a handful…..








They look so pretty in a vase on the little table in the

downstairs powder room.

Not to mention they smell absolutely heavenly!!!

I only wish I had more……..


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Designs By Pinky said...

BEAUTIFUL lilacs, they are one of my favorites. We just started our new landscaping and did get a lilac. I wuish I could have a HEDGE of them!!!!!!!! Love your powder room too!

Cynthia said...

You may have had only a handful but they sure look gorgeous. I love the smell of lilacs!!


Mary Palumbo Collings said...

A handful of beauty!

Blondie's Journal said...

They really are pretty, Des. Hopefully next year will be different.


chateau chic said...

Your lilacs look so lovely next to the tub!! Beautiful vignette.
Mary Alice

Traci said...

Very pretty! I never thing to cut any of my fresh flowers & bring them inside. I have to start doing that.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I love Lilacs-our haven't bloomed yet this year, I'm hoping they will but we've had a funny year.
Your guest bath is so lovely!
Have a great week, thanks for sharing.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

They look gorgeous - and that is a really neat bathroom!

Kelly said...

I love lilacs! Wish I had some to cut and bring inside. They look perfect in your bathroom.

wendy said...

so beautiful....Lilacs hve always been a favorite of mine.

The Stitching Coop said...

You remind me that a few of one can be as beautiful as many. I love how simple yet elegant they look in your restroom. Our lilac tree has really sprouted due to all the rain. We planted another on the West side of our yard to balance. When we planted it, it was about a foot tall. In two weeks it's 2 feet tall now. The rain has been kind I believe. Hugs. Tammy

Red Rose Alley said...

Your lilacs are beautiful, Deserae, and I can smell them from here. I love seeing pictures of your home. Your powder room is very nice.


Judy K said...

Your lilacs are beautiful and look lovely in your bathroom. I would love for you to come and link this up to my Swing into Spring party going on right now. Hope to see you there. http://diybydesign.blogspot.com