Friday, January 10, 2014

A new terra cotta bowl……


I have always wanted a French confit bowl like this one.

This one can be yours for $239 which includes shipping.

It is actually a fabulous deal even with the broken handle, I have seen them for

much,much more!



However, there always seems to be something else I need more so

I have never spent the money for one.

Then the other day I was looking on Etsy for terra cotta

flower pots  and this popped up in the search.


Rustic Hand Thrown Terra Cotta Bowl w Slip Decoration and Clear Overglaze


This bowl was $48 plus shipping and I just couldn’t resist

it so I am now the proud owner!!!!

The seller has one more bowl that is similar if you need one like I did.

The shop is called Petunia's Place and they specialize in

mid century furniture, art, and one of a kind collectibles.

I am using my new bowl in the living room on the coffee table

with a live Orchid inside.


terra cotta bowl 1


terra cotta bowl2


terra cotta bowl 3


The history of the confit courtesy of D'Artagnan:

Smoking, curing and drying have been used to preserve food supplies since prehistoric times. Before eating seasonally became a trend, it was a necessity. Game meats were only available in season, and domesticated animals were slaughtered before winter came, to save on feed and to fill the larder. So a method to preserve meat before the days of refrigeration was a vital development in culinary history. Confit is a cooking term for a variety of foods, but most commonly meats, cooked and preserved in their own fat.

Confit is the past participle of the French verb confire, "to preserve." In this method, meats are cooked in fat for a long time, sometimes days, at a low temperature. This renders tough cuts, like duck legs, more tender and palatable. The meat that has been through this cooking process is also called confit, as in duck leg confit, or confit of goose.

In the days before vacuum packing, confit meats were placed in crockery pots or jars filled with duck fat, then covered with pork fat and stored in a cool cellar. This impenetrable top protected the confit throughout the long winter and on into the spring. In the southwest region of France, Gascony, you’ll still find many small jars filled with confit stored in the cellars. Since the entire small container can be used at one time, the confit isn’t exposed to the outside air for long and can’t spoil.

Duck leg confit is a favorite of Gascons, and is a vital ingredient in the classic cassoulet from the region. Because it is so tender, duck confit can be shredded and served over salad, in stews or on bread. But confit can be made from any part of the bird. Legs, breasts, giblets and even foie gras can be salted and simmered, then preserved in fat.


I love my new bowl and smile every time I walk into the room now!!!

Have a great weekend my friends!!!!



marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh I love it too. It looks fabulous. Great find. Hugs, Marty

Kelly said...

That's a beautiful pot! I can tell it's old. Your orchid is quite gorgeous too. Mine is not blooming at the moment. I noticed you're using a different coffee table now. Where did your other one go?

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...


Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Des, I love the bowl and you got it for a steal! I was at an antique show last month and a dealer had five of these at $325 each!

Red Rose Alley said...

Your new bowl is pretty, Deserae. There is a shop where I live that sells pottery in all shapes and sizes, and I go there often. I especially love your coffee table. It's so unique.


Leslie said...

It's beautiful Des and this one is priced well so I'm sure it will sell quickly. I am looking for a more narrow piece so keep me posted.


Alice said...

It's beautiful! Isn't it great that one simple bowl can bring such joy. I recently purchased a lot of vintage Christmas ornaments and found a small tree to place them on. Every time I pass that tree I am taken back to my childhood. I know I need to take it down but it brings me such joy.

Stay safe and warm!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

It is so lovely and I love the orchid in it! It adds some wonderful texture to the room!

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Your bowl is so pretty! I love the color and that orchid is gorgeous!! I'm also glad you posted about the history of the confit. I've heard a lot about them, but never really knew what they were used for. Thanks for sharing that!

Anne Boykin said...

I didn't think I needed one until I saw it with the orchid in it! Beautiful!