Thursday, February 13, 2014

A little spring time cheer….


With all the cold,snow, and ice

many are experiencing

I thought it would be nice to share a few little

snippets of spring…….



Lovely flowers and gardens. Would like to have these on my poor garden :)


Pink flowers


Stay warm my friends…..

and think SPRING!



chateau chic said...

Gorgeous inspiration on this snowy day!!
Mary Alice

Anonymous said...

I just cannot wait. I'm dying to get outside and feel the sunshine on my arms. It was -7 yesterday. I'm so over it! Have a great weekend.

The enchanted home said...

A definitely site for sore eyes.....winter is feeling ridiculously drawn out. I am craving spring!

Kelly said...

Those are some very pretty pics. I can't wait to see flowers outside again. We got a little bit more snow last night but now the sun is shining brightly and I'm relieved to see it. My area was spared much of the ice, thank goodness!

NanaNor's said...

Beautiful photos-makes me long for spring but we have another 3 mos before it arrives here.
Thanks for sharing.

Mari said...

Gorgeous photo's Des, I almost forgot how sweet the blooms for spring can be, we have had sooooo much snow it's really scary, thank for the sweet inspiration ;-)


Cynthia said...

Des, these are such beautiful pictures. It gives me some hope!!


ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Beautiful pics to look at on this snowy day Des!!

Art and Sand said...

My puppy is digging up all our flowers, but your photos make me want to head to the nursery to buy flowers and find fun containers to place all over the yard - high enough that Lulu can't touch them.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Lynda Brandly said...

Thanks for the beautiful photos. We live in Michigan and have been under 2-3 ft of snow for a couple of months! Can't wait to see the flowers peak out!
Love and blessings!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

As I am looking out the window to the snow on the ground it is so nice to see beautiful flowers here!
Have a great weekend!

Divine Theatre said...

I can almost smell the flowers! Just what I needed!



Divine Theatre said...

I can almost smell the flowers! Just what I needed!



Nancy's Notes said...

Beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous and oh so many more words can describe your photographs! Lovely flowers, indeed!

Fairhope Supply Co. said...

What a beautiful setting for the spring flowers!

laura Madalene said...

Really adorable post. I love each pictures which shows unique designs and it is good to have these type of decorations for the home. Italian Home Decor

Jaybird said...

Beautiful flowers, and timely reminder :^)
I have a big OLD rattan chair in our front yard that seasonally has flowers, pumpkins or Christmas decor. After Christmas, I couldn't think of a thing to put out there and it looked lonesome. soooo, I filled it full of empty flower pots, stacked and scattered around it, and plopped a big sign in the middle that says "Think Spring". My neighbors have gotten a big kick out of it....a fun smile on a cold winter day!
Thank you for such a nice post!