Thursday, September 18, 2014

A new rug pad…….


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Originally when I bought the Oushak rug for our living room I went with a rug pad like this from a big box store:

All Surface Rug Pad

My seagrass rugs had a rubber backing so I didn’t use a rug pad with them. In the end the rubber backing deteriorated and smelled bad which is why I decided to buy new rugs in the first place. However I quickly discovered there weren’t many options for rug pads available locally which is why I ended up with the rug pad pictured above. The rug pad stuck to the floor pretty much instantly but the rug still shifted around on top of it. When I decided to move the Oushak rug to our bedroom I decided to pull the rug pad up which left a grid pattern on the floor even though it was only down for a short time. In the end I selected a rug pad from: Rug Pad USA.


I selected the Premium Lock rug pad for hardwood floors because it was rated the highest for cushion, durability, and grip AND it has a 20 year warranty!!! As exciting as it is to buy a new rug, buying a rug pad….not so much! So, I wanted something that would last a long time that I wouldn’t need to replace every few years plus they are manufactured right here in the good ole USA!!!!!! I like that they show the rating for the rug pad so there is no guessing on whether or not it is just what you are looking for and I also got to select the thickness I needed. The reviews from customers are under the product so you can see what people are really saying.

The rug pad arrived quickly and was rolled up in plastic.

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It sat in the corner for a few days because the thought of moving all the furniture again didn’t exactly sound appealing. The other day I decided it was time to just do it  so I marked the corners of the rug on the floor with painters tape so I could place the rug back in the room in the exact same spot without repositioning it a 101 times.

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I have to say I am quite impressed because the rug does not move at all!!!! Since the rug does not have a tight weave even my dogs running thru the house before would make the rug shift and bunch up in certain areas. Now it stays put nicely!

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So, If you are looking for a great rug pad that is reasonably priced click over to Rug Pad USA. They also have rug pads for outdoors if you are lucky enough to have a great outdoor space to relax in. PLUS they are also offering 10% off and free shipping!!!!!

*This is a sponsored post, however all opinions expressed are my own.



Mari said...

Wow who knew that a rug pad could be so important Des, I'm planning on removing my aweful rugs in the near future and just keep my pretty area rug, so this info will come in handy....thanks sweetie......well as always your home is breathtaking, I never get tired of getting peek at


chateau chic said...

Helpful info, Des. I believe a good rug pad is also helpful in increasing the life of the rug.
Mary Alice

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Des. Thanks for the info. We put our area rug down, without pad, over carpet and it bunches up under the table. Do they have pads made especially for over carpeting? I'm going to check the site out now..Happy Thursday..Your room looks just beautiful..Judy

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Me again, Des. I went to the site and my question was answered so sent off order. Will let you know..Judy

Olive said...

Hi Des, I believe in rug pads for lots of reasons. My dog and cat were moving my rug around without one and when I got one all that stopped. Thanks for stopping by, Olive

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I have some rug pads from them and you're right, they're great! I love your tip about marking the corners of your rug with painter's tape to make it easier. Good tip!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

What a great company and a great solution to your rug pad needs..and love that they are made in the USA...

Red Rose Alley said...

I am just amazed how unique and gorgeous your furniture is, Deserae. It's definitely my style. I really like the dark wood furniture, but that white table is sooooo lovely.


Seasoned with Grace said...

I so want to know where you purchase your rugs, Oushak rug and natural jute/sisal ones especially.

Deserae said...

The Oushak rug was an auction find and the leather/hemp rugs were purchased at Soft Surroundings. The leather/hemp rugs did not hold up at all and have since been replaced with seagrass rugs.