Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas wreaths…..

This year for our outside Christmas décor we
decided to put wreaths on all the windows on the front of the house.
Christmas 2014 005

It seemed like a great idea? Then the other day a bird flew into the window……again and again and again! I quickly realized the birds were trying to pull the greenery off the wreaths to use in their nests. Once they learned they couldn’t pull just the greenery off they decided to try and just haul the whole wreath off!!!!! The dogs were frightened by the loud crashing noise of the wreaths being pulled up into the air and then let go to hit the window. Thankfully the birds became quickly discouraged so it only lasted a couple of days and the wreaths are still intact.

And now for a little wreath inspiration:
pretty greenery for the holidays and a great bench/settee
All Things Farmer
Aspen inspired Christmas mantel
We are having internet problems and our connection comes and goes! Hopefully I will have better luck with this post publishing than my last one which resulted in over half my pictures disappearing somehow?


Mari said...

Awww poor little birdies had to learn a
Love the wreaths in the windows so classic ;-)


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Is it ok if I tell you I am laughing? I'm sure it was upsetting as it was happening, but it's funny to read about! A couple times we've had a bird crash into our window over and over again. We finally figured out he was looking at his reflection in the window and (I guess) trying to fight this "other bird". We ended up having to put aluminum foil on our window for awhile!

Ron said...

I have never heard of birds doing that before. It gives a new meaning to "angry birds".

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Oh, that is so funny about the birds! Probably not funny as it was happening, though. :) I love wreaths on windows at Christmas time!

Traci said...

That is precisely why I HATE birds!!! With the exception of hummingbirds, they just oog me out. I always have "stuff" all over my porch because they build nests on my columns & then I have their other "stuff" dripping down the front of the columns. UGH!!!

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Des,
Ohhhh the poor birds. I have had them fly into my windows before too. It does make a big crash noise. Glad they are leaving the wreaths alone now. Love all the inspiration.

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

GORGEOUS inspiration photos!! Poor little birds:-(

-Lisa said...

Sorry but I think the birds are messing with your internet connection---I'm just sayin'...
Your house is gorgeous and these wreath photos are so inspiring. I just love the cranberry wreaths on the windows with the red buffalo check panels--swoon.

Kelly said...

I love your pretty wreath hanging on your window. Those pictures are all very inspirational.

chateau chic said...

I love the look of a wreath on each window of your home, Des. Beautiful!
Mary Alice

Red Rose Alley said...

I think I love your wreath more than all of these....a simple wreath with a pretty red bow. I have a soft spot for the birds, so I can understand their wanting to use what they can to make a nest for their home. Your windows look like a wintery Christmas scene, so lovely.


Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Des, kind of cute when you think about it! I put some wreaths up too but we are having rain and high winds so they keep knocking against the window hard enough to break the glass so took them down until it passes. I have already pinned most of your wreath choices. They just all really speak Christmas language to me. Those and your own are especially beautiful..Happy Thursday..Judy

Cynthia said...

We always hang wreaths on our windows. I just finished our decorating. I changed up our wreaths for the new house

I feel bad about the birds but the story made me laugh