Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Laundry rooms....and a little tip!

When we completed phase two of the renovations on our house a few years ago the laundry room kind of got lost in the shuffle. It is a nice room but after the ceiling fell in due to a leak in the adjoining bathroom a month after the renovation was completed I kind of lost steam. 

21 Laundry Rooms That Will Make You Want to Do Laundry

I have been looking for ideas to refresh the space a little. 


Laundry Room Design Ideas. Pendants are the 18-inch “Clemson Prismatic Single by Restoration Hardware”.  Curtain fabric: “Smokebush in Orchid on White Linen by Galbraith & Paul”.  Dutch Door Paint Color: Sea Gull Grey (30YY 42/083) by Devoe Paint.  Ceiling Paint Color: Carly’s Color (90BB 58/072) by Devoe Paint. #LaundryRoom #LaundryRoomDesign

While looking at beautiful laundry rooms on Pinterest I came across a pin that showed how to get odors out of laundry. I can't remember the exact directions but basically it said to add vinegar and baking soda to the wash with nothing else and then do a rinse cycle. Then wash your clothes as you normally do.

21 Laundry Rooms That Will Make You Want to Do Laundry:

The tip:

So the other day while  throwing the towels in the wash I decided to add a little baking soda. I didn't have any vinegar on hand or I would have added that too. I sprinkled a generous amount of baking soda, added some laundry detergent and called it good. I was SHOCKED when I took the towels out of the dryer and they smelled absolutely wonderful!!!!! 

Let me say, our towels did not stink, they simply didn't smell as fresh as I would like. We think the issue is due to our water.

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Gee Singh Newbanks said...

OOhhh what luvly examples of laundry rooms Des. I must say, my laundry room is the one I fight with the most. It's tiny and no matter what I do.... it's the collector of stuffs.
This is the 2nd post I have read today that mentions vinegar. I started filling my filling the dry aid spot in the dishwasher with vinegar and I am so happy with the sparkling flatware.
I just read where people are using vinegar in place of fabric softener in their wash and getting amazing soft , fresh clothing. I MUST try now!

Mari said...

Omg all of the laundry rooms are beautiful, I wouldn't mind spending my day doing my laundry in any of these rooms....lol....
Great tip also Des to freshen up the laundry ;-)

Wishing you a great day...
I woke up to ice on my glass screen door....brrrrrr.....


Stacey said...

Wow I love the inspiration pictures. The room with wallpaper is so pretty!

Calypso In The Country said...

What a gorgeous collection of laundry rooms! I need to tweak mine a bit.. Great laundry tip. I have heard that before but I am happy to learn that the laundry ends up smelling nice!

chateau chic said...

Your laundry room inspiration photos are beyond fabulous! And thanks for the laundry tip...I'll have to give it a try.
Mary Alice

Holly @ Down to Earth Style said...

I love cleaning tips and great smelling laundry makes laundry worth doing!

Red Rose Alley said...

I always add a bit of Clorox to my white towels, but I think I'll try the baking soda to my dish towels. Thanks for the tip, Deserae.


Row homes and Cobblestones said...

You have many wonderful inspiration photos to inspire you on your redo. Have fun we recently redid our laundry room and it's been delightful to enjoy the room. Thanks for your laundry tip. Believe it or not I enjoy doing laundry and love the challenge of a tough stain.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I love these laundry rooms....I am pinning for future reference as I want a laundry room combination task area ... sewing, crafting, etc. One can dream....My friend who has an appliance service business says that the smell is actually from residue of soap...I will try the baking soda!

Joni Webb said...

when are we going to see your new curtains? i noticed them !!! and congrats on the cabinet - i know you wanted to move it for ages!!!

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I love these inspiration pics! I've always adored wallpaper in a laundry room. So pretty! It'll be hard to choose what to do. :)

Monty's Era said...

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Back2life bathrooms said...

This is awesome! I've been trying to do some bathroom renovation , and this gave me some great insight for things to try. Thanks for sharing!