Friday, February 19, 2016

What color paint is that?

Whenever I share a project I get a ton of emails and questions about the
paint colors I used and how the finish was applied.


There really isn’t an easy answer because I mix all my own colors
with the paints I have on hand.
I started doing this because I live in a rural area and a trip to town takes about two hours round trip.
So, it isn’t always feasible to run to the home improvement store to pick up
paint whenever the mood strikes.


I have about four main colors that I usually mix from and a few other ones like white and etc.


The four main colors are:
  medium grey, light grey,bluish grey, and a lighter bluish grey.


The best way to achieve the look of an antique piece is to apply the paint in different layers
along with sanding and dry brushing.
I also use dark wax and clear wax on all the pieces to seal them
when I have achieved the desired look.
Have a great weekend!!!!


Kelly said...

Your home is always so pretty to look at. I love your color choices. Your home looks very European.

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Be still my heart - I adore your home! Your color's are always soothing to the eye. Have a wonderful weekend.

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I always love your paint colors and your home is gorgeous! I've used the dry brush technique a few times too and love the results. You've inspired me to mix a little paint next time and create my own custom color. :)

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

I admire your courage to just mix it up til you like it. I have spent 4 years trying to decide what color to paint my master bath and bedroom. So much time wasted and so many color samples piled up. I think I'll follow your example and mix them together til I get the color I like. thanks for the inspiration.

Mari said...

Your a brave lady mixing your colors, but it's worth it, the results are simply beautiful...
I love how your items turn out...

Wishing you a great weekend~

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Your color choices are always so beautiful Des!...Have a great weekend!

chateau chic said...

Making your own custom color paint is always the best!! Your home is so beautiful and serene!!
Mary Alice

niartist said...

Love the way that all of your painted pieces have turned out - especially that armoire and the doors behind the bed in the guest room.

Sheila Irwin said...

Boy I wish I lived near you Des! I would be bribing you with coffee (or wine!) to come over and help me with my first furniture painting job! Sooo wanting to try it, but I have never done it and I'm a little intimidated! You've done beautiful work!!