Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Like it was never even there!!

As we all know old houses tend to be very quirky!
Some things make you scratch your head while others make you downright crazy.
One of those quirky things that made me crazy was this cabinet in the living room.

It was a cute little antique cabinet that was added when the house was turned into a B&B in 1985. 
My husband and I debated whether it was original to the house or not for years. 
I knew it was not but had a hard time convincing
 my husband until we were given some old pictures of the house. 
Sure enough the cabinet was not in any of the old pictures! 


The issue was not the cabinet itself but the actual placement.
It was so close to the window that the drapery panels always covered part of it up.
It made the corner of the living room really crowded looking too.

Finally a few weeks ago I was able to convince my husband to take the cabinet out.
The cabinet was held in with three screws on
 each side and we were able to remove the cabinet without any damage...... 
in less than 20 minutes!!!!!!

Now it looks as if the cabinet was never even there!
I am hoping to give the little cabinet a makeover and relocate it to another room.
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Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Des,
Isn't amazing how just taking away something like the cabinet gives a whole new fresh look to your corner.
Looks great.

http://decoratedchaos.blogspot.com said...

Wow. It really opened up that corner by removing the cabinet. Good call!

Mari said...

Looks great Des....it just opened up the space nicely!
Question did you change your curtains???
Looking forward to viewing how you transform the cabinet.....

Have a great day...

Unknown said...

Made that corner so much cleaner. Hmmm... now I am curious as to what you have in store for it.
Happy midweek Des.

chateau chic said...

Yes, old houses have many quirky things. The corner is much improved without that cabinet. I know you'll find the perfect spot for it.
Mary Alice

Katie Mansfield said...

It's adorable. I hope you can find a place for it. It does look better without it in that corner.

Red Rose Alley said...

The cabinet DOES look old and charming, but I like the way it looks without it also. The wall looks clean and simple now, and the candle holder stands out more.


Sheila @ Maison de Cinq said...

It looks so much better now Des! I love how just removing that made it look cleaner and less crowded than before. Love the new drapes too - it looks so pretty! You need to post more photos of your house, I want to see the whole thing:)



Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

It really did make a difference and opened up the space beautifully! I'm glad you decided to give it a little makeover and relocate it too. It's always fun to move things around and enjoy them in new ways. :)

Linda said...

So love this room! The curtains are gorgeous and those baskets!
Wishing you a cozy day - half way to Friday! lol
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Des, isn't it amazing, after all the feet dragging, I bet your hubby was the first to admit how much better the corner looked. Love the little cabinet, though, and know you will find an extra special place for it..Happy Wednesday..Judy

Kelly said...

I remember seeing that cabinet in alot of your pics. I didn't know it came with the house. I like the wall without it but also look forward to seeing where you put it now. It's a beautiful cabinet.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I love it Des!...and now I am looking forward to what you will be doing with the cabinet.
Have a great day!