Friday, July 17, 2015


Hope you had a great week?!?! This summer seems to just be flying by…….
A little inspiration to start your weekend off!

I adore this pergola…..I could spend many afternoons out there for sure!
Aren’t those doors amazing?

Hearts in nature



♔ Provence

Container Sale (60 of 99)

Have a great weekend my friends!!!!
Be love.


  1. That rabbit picture is too cute! Yesterday on my drive home I saw a rabbit running with grass In its mouth! So cute!

  2. That bunny is hilarious! Love that heart in the tree too. Summer really does seem to be flying by. I noticed my grocery store already had all their school supplies out. I need to enjoy sleeping in while I can. :) Happy weekend!

  3. Super pictures. The rabbit is a cutie. Love the tree,pots and bistro chair.. Have a great weekend


  4. Hi Des,
    That tree is amazing with the heart. Wow the power of nature. Love the adorable bunny too. So cute.
    Happy Week End.

  5. What beautiful photos! They make me think of the French countryside. I love the bunny photo!!!

  6. That heart tree is amazing. I would love to see it in person. And the rabbit hehehe, so cute.

    Enjoy the weekend, Deserae.


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